Sunday, November 21, 2021

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

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December 2018

God’s Good Purposes

Genesis 50:15-26 - God meant it for good

November 2018


Genesis 48:1-22 - Reflections of a life

Crisis Management

Genesis 47:13-26 - Joseph and crisis management


Genesis 45:25-47:7 - Jacob said, "Enough evidence.  I'm convinced Joseph is alive, and I want to see him!"

October 2018

The Great Reveal

Genesis 45:1-15 - Joseph reveals himself to his brothers

A Final Test

Genesis 44 - Joseph's brothers' final test

A Sea of Emotion

Genesis 43:15-34 - Swimming in a sea of emotion

Be Extra Kind

Genesis 43:11-14 - Be extra kind to people

September 2018


Genesis 43:1-10 - Judah grows up, he matures

A Conscience Restored

Genesis 42 - Resurrecting a dead conscience