May 2022

The Lord’s Anointed

In this message we will see that Jesus is the Lord's Anointed.

April 2021

Jesus Heals on the Sabbath

Luke 13:10-17 In this message we will see two states of the human heart; one is a glorifying heart, and the other is a grumbling heart.

August 2020

Messengers from John

Luke 7:18-23 We will see the questioning, quest, and quieting of John the Baptist.

April 2020

The Resurrection of Christ

1 Corinthians 15:14-22 Theme: The predictions, the proof, and the productiveness of Christ's Resurrection.

The Triumphal Entry

Matthew 21:1-11 Palm Sunday

December 2019

The Birth of Jesus

Luke 2:1-7 - The Christ came

April 2019

Christ Resurrected

John 20 1-18; Mark 16:9 - The risen Christ comes to us in times of our deepest need, but He is often unrecognized.  He calls His own by name and conveys a message to be delivered.

January 2019

Why Worry

Matthew 6:25-34 - God's answer to worry

December 2018

Fatal Miscalculations

James 4:13-15 - Are we really in control?

What a Night

Luke 2:8-14 - The night our Savior was born